Oslofjord Kayak Expeditions organize kayak rental and kayak excursions for tourists in the Oslofjord area. You can visit us in beautiful Vollen, or we can come to you. You can easily get to Vollen from Oslo by boat or bus.


  • Up to 3 hours: 450,-
  • 1 day: 800,-
  • Weekend: 1500,-
  • Kayak delivery: prices depend on the distance delivered


  • 4 hours kayak course that goes through how to maneuver the kayak, how to safely paddle at Oslofjord by your own and how to rescue one self and another person if capsized.
    1500,- per person that includes all the equipment/rental of kayak.


  • 3 hours excursion in Vollen area with a coffee break on an island : 800,- per person
  • Kayak & Yoga tour: combined tour where we explore the coast and have a wonderful break with yoga on an island, tour lasts about 3 hours, 800,- per person
  • 1 day: Longer kayak excursion where we explore the Oslofjord from Vollen and have a lunch on an island 1500,- per person
  • Overnight stay on an island: Wonderful night out in the wild combined with exploring the Oslofjord by kayak. Guiding, kayak rental, food and all the equipment is included: 3500,- per person.


3 days unforgettable expedition in the Oslofjord that combines sleeping out in the wild in a hammock or tent for two nights and exploring the beautiful coastline and the nature from the kayak.
The price includes guiding, food, and all the equipment: 7500,- per person